WordPress 2.2 and Plugins

Now that the site has been moved, I am getting to know WordPress again. The release of WordPress 2.2 occurred at the same time I was working on the transition so this site is using the latest and greatest.

Along with the new WP version I have been exploring some of the plugin options. Although I have not come to terms with the new widget system and dynamic sidebars etc… there are many new plugins that do the work that once was impossible or at least a serious pain.

First off is Fold page list makes collapsible sidebar lists more manageable if you have a lot of pages and subpages.

Next, WP-Cache is a very impressive page caching system. If your site uses a lot of database queries or just gets a lot of traffic, this plugin can dramatically improve performance.

And finally, All in One SEO Pack makes your WP driven site more search engine friendly.

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