Webkinz World

I find the whole Webkinz idea fascinating. Combining real world toys that are connected to a virtual world is a stroke of genius as evidenced by their immense popularity.

I first noticed Webkinz here where you can find some of the rarest Webkinz. Rarest, you ask? Like several other products, Webkinz are produced in limited quantities. Once a certain critter reaches the end of its production run, there are no more to be had except in the collectors market. Prices run out of control on the more sought after pets.

Wikipedia even has a page on Webkinz.

The online portion of the “Webkinz World” allows owners of the toys to play games to earn Kinzcash that can be used to buy in game items.

It is certain that many more toys and games like the Webkinz will follow. Enriching the physical world with online gaming and multimedia brings an amazing new twist to the imagination of children. One can only hope that the online aspect of these products can embrace rich, safe and educational environment instead of purely market driven ones. Imagine experiencing a world that your children make for themselves.

For now enjoy the Webkinz World.