Turning off the language bar in Windows XP

One of the things I dislike about Windows (and MS software in general) is its unquenchable desire to think for you. Sometimes it is not obtrusive but other times when you just want to do something a little differently it can drive you nuts.

The Windows “language bar” is one of those components that I just don’t need. I have turned this feature off so many times but yet it just seems to reappear on the task bar for no reason. You can disable it by right clicking on the taskbar, but it will come back on its own at some point.

I finally got sick of it and did a search for a solution. As it turns out, it is quite simple.

  • Open Control Panel
  • Select “Classic Mode” (if it isn’t already selected)
  • Double Click on “Regional and Language Options”
  • Click “Languages” tab
  • Click “Details” button in the “Text services and input languages” section
  • Click “Language Bar…” button in “Preferences” section
  • Disable the Language Bar by un-checking the “Show the Language bar on the desktop” checkbox

I found this solution at the following site:

Turn off the Language Bar

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