Site Move in Progress

[This is the site at its new location. If you are seeing this, then it worked!]

Some changes are in store for OFtN!

First, I have decided to move this site to another web host (which is where you are viewing this post.). The old host was ok (I guess…), but sometimes the site loaded very slowly or not at all. This new host should provide a much better experience for you, my fabulous visitors.

Second, this site was being driven by a Drupal CMS system and I think WordPress will work better for it. Although Drupal is a good platform it isn’t quite what suits the site best. Originally this site was intended to be more of a community site, but as it turns out it is more informational in nature. In my experience WordPress works better for that. Drupal is great for community sites with multiple authors, integrated forums etc. The conversion is quite a barrel of laughs…

Third, some of the content of this site just doesn’t really go together. A World of Warcraft guide just doesn’t sit next to a technical explanation of SOA. So I plan on splitting off some content into different domain names.

I hope you have enjoyed my free guides published here. A LOT of work went into them and I think they offer very good information.

Welcome to the other side.

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