PAD bomb

A PAD bomb is a service where a simple app is written and submitted to software directories. Along with it is a PAD file which describes the app, the author and the author’s site. The author’s site gets linked and that becomes your backlink.

700+ software directory submission.
Pointed at a Squidoo lens.

Test date: Early Dec 2012

End of Dec Stats
Google search on app name: 40 results
Ahrefs: +4 referring domains
Serps: no change
Traffic: no change

In hand checking search results and conclusion

  • Most pages did not have a link to the site
  • The ones that did were no follow
  • Some of these pages had hundreds of internal and external links
  • Page/site quality was actually not too bad
  • As far as I can no useful link was gained

This service might be useful in getting a Web 2.0 or site indexed but I doubt it would be helpful for ranking.

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