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A decent quality free MMOG! Runescape has been around for years and at this very second (of this writing) there are 37 thousand + people playing.

Creating a Runescape account is dead simple. Just go to their web page (see below) and fill in a few form fields. You do not need a credit card or even an email! The game plays in a web browser so you don’t have to install anything either.

You will notice right off that Runescape’s sound and graphics are way dated. Personally I would call them old school charming, but hey I am a romantic. Anyway game play is something akin to Diablo or early Ultima Online.

So it is a free game… so what is the catch? Ah, well it seems they offer a “premium” Runescape account.

…maybe you should think about becoming a RuneScape member. For only US$5 a month (that’s less then 17 cents a day!) you could get access to a stunning amount of new features that will keep you playing till early in the mornings. And the fun doesn’t have to end there, as our content development team is dedicated to bringing out new content on a regular basis.

What do you get?

  • New skills: agility, fletching, herblore, thieving, slayer and farming
  • Improvements to old skills.
  • More and better equipment.
  • More quests to do.

See below for more details.

Basically the free account lets you have a good taste of playing Runescape online and if you like it, plan on the $5 per month. It is unbeatable for free.

Play Runescape Online

Safety Guidelines

Extras for becoming a paying member.

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