Um, ok, “new” planet

So, apparently the planet “recently” discovered, was actually found 2 years ago? And the only reason we found out was because a hacker black-mailed the scientist? Hacker forced new planet discovery out of the closet

Site Moved

This site has just been moved to its new home. Yeah! The new server allows for even more creamy out-fox’ed goodness. Due to the DNS changes you may have had some difficulty reaching it, and for that inconvenience, my apologies.

Not Pron

This website is actually a slick game. In fact it is a complicated riddle. The goal is to get to the last page. By the way, the game is very hard, so when you do solve a level (page) you genuinely feel a sense of satisfaction. Not Pron

Waste 1 Hour of your Life Right Now

Here is a fun game. It is based on old school Breakout, but now its the cool 3D version. Sounds bad? It kicks butt. Try it. You can play the trial for 1 hour and I have yet to find anyone who didn’t play it straight for 1 hour. Magic Ball 2

Google Maps++

As you may or may not know Google has been releasing their mapping services into the wild. They offer a mapping API to allow others to use this service, and what is coming out of the Internet hive mind is really cool. Hybrid Satellite / Street Map Another cool one.