OFtN’s Ultra Concise Guide to Schema

Schema, rich snippets, microdata, structured data and whatever else incomprehensible name someone invents… super useful, powerful and wft is it, right?

If you do not already understand the power of using schema you have not been paying attention. If you have been paying attention you know there is this… thing… and it does…. something… good. And it is simple to use… you just… um… Sure just google it. If you do you’ll find a number of helpful(?) guides which will sell you on the idea. Once sold, it will guide you through a long, confusing process which seems to mainly convince you that you should pay them to figure it out for you.

Let me solve that for you. Hopefully.

If you use WordPress. Install All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets plugin. On each page and post, there will be a drop down menu. Select the right type and fill the fields. Done.

If you do not use WordPress or want to get fancy do this.

  1. Go to this schema generation tool and fill out the form. You don’t need to fill out everything, just pick the few most important things like author, title, url. If you are a local business, make sure you get you location information in there.
  2. Create a Google Tag Manager account. A tag contains the code the you created in step 1. Create a Custom HTML tag and paste in your code. This will take a little figuring the first time, then it’s easy. You can create site-wide tag or page-specific with triggers.
  3. Let Google test it. If you turn up some errors and warning, its not the end of the world. Fix it if you can.
  4. Watch it over time. Check Google Search Console in the Search Appearance / Structured Data section.

Need a little more help? Check out this guide.