Good and Bad Quests

Quest rewards have been upped from their original designs and accordingly questing has become a more reasonable way to advance your character. This can also be a supplemental source of gold to pay for equipment upgrades, repair and training costs. However, all quests are not of the same value to the power level’er. Some quests take a long time to complete compared to others and yet give the same number of experience points.

So what makes for a good or bad quest?

  • Good: High reward vs effort. Duh. This is obvious. But don’t forget to keep an eye out for quests that reward you with equipment you need. See the next sections for help with finding the right quests.
  • Good: Kill quests. A kill quest is one of those that asks you to slay X number of SomeCreature. These are great if you are in the right level range to gain good experience from killing the mobs. Experience + more experience!
  • Good: Related quests. Often in the same area there are quests that all have related areas or mobs. Be on the look out for quests the require mob drops that all come from the same mobs, or ones the are all in the same area.
  • Bad: FedEx quests. A FedEx quest is where an NPC asks you to deliver something to somewhere else. Travel time in the game is one of the biggest killers as far as fast leveling goes. Unless you know you are already need to go to the area just forget these types of quests.
  • Bad: Group / Elite quests. These just take too much time and effort. Organizing a group to go to a dungeon or kill elite mobs is usually not worth it. On the other hand there are some very nice equipment rewards that might be important enough to bother with.

When you get to a new area or new quests become available, just grab them all. Then take a look at ways to do more than one at the same time. The one’s that are eating up your time and not gaining you anything else, just forget them. Don’t be shy about clicking that abandon quest button!

One more thing you can try is doing quests below your level. Sometimes you can go to an area a little below your level and do a bunch of quests very quickly and easily. The rewards might be what you would get for quests of your level, but you might be able to do them so fast it is still worth it. It is kind of fun completely wiping out a whole area without breaking a sweat too 🙂