Cell Phones Cheap

Now that you know why you should be looking twice at the “free phone” that cell service providers are offering, here are some ways to get a cell phone cheap that you are free to use as you like.

Deal 1 – Ebay
Ebay is a very good place to buy a cell phone cheap. The competition is extremely fierce and when there are dozens of sellers all offering the same phone you can take the pick of the deals.

Here are my tips to finding a deal:

  • Shop the “phones only section”. Phones only makes looking through the listing a lot less annoying.
  • Know what you are looking for. Read up on phone reviews and find a few models that seem to fit your needs. Trying to simply browse the phone section is a little too overwhelming.
  • Watch out for shipping costs. Some sellers will advertise a very low “buy it now” price but include an outrageous “shipping and handling” cost. Remember to take both the bid price and shipping into consideration. I have seen s&h charges of up at $100!
  • Read sellers feedback carefully. This is very important to do before buying. If you find a deal you like, scan the sellers feedback for negative comments. If the deal is really sweet but their feedback stinks look elsewhere.
  • Make sure “NEW” means “NEW”. Some sellers will list “Like New” phones as “New” so make sure you know what you are bidding on.

Deal 2 – Cingular
At the moment Cingular has some amazing deals on cheap cell phones. If you select “Pay as You Go” from this page you will be looking at phones packaged with their prepaid plan option. Their phones start at $30 for refurbished Nokia 6010, 6030, 6061 as well as a few other manufactures options. The 6030 is probably the best deal in that line up, but there are not any bad choices.

What is the catch?

  • You are stuck with Cingular. Well until you visit Nokia Free and unlock your own phone for free.
  • 90 day warranty

And here is how I made the Cingular deal even better. I ended up with the Nokia 6030 for $10 or free depending on how you look at it.

First off the Nokia 6030 cell phone is listed on Cingular for $30. However if you go through Fatwallet, you can get a $20 rebate. $10 for a well reviewed phone? Yes, not only that but you get $10 worth of pre-paid Cingular along with it.

Don’t get locked into a bad plan simply because they are “giving you a phone for free”. It is not free – you are now stuck in a 1 or 2 year contract that might not be a good deal. Getting a cell phone cheap is not hard at all.