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Getting Rid of PHPSESSID

If you use php applications in your website (most content management systems) you may have a problem with PHPSESSID. PHPSESSID is the PHP session identifier. You can sometime see this in the url data while using the PHP applications. This session ID is not something you really want to be showing your users for aesthetic …

Pick a Name Any Domain Name

Picking a domain name can sometimes be challenging. You want to pick something that is easy to remember and type and yet at the same time reflect what your web site is all about. If you are doing this in the context of building a search engine friendly site, it is all the more difficult. …

Site Moved

This site has just been moved to its new home. Yeah! The new server allows for even more creamy out-fox’ed goodness. Due to the DNS changes you may have had some difficulty reaching it, and for that inconvenience, my apologies.