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WoW – Warden Client

Recently Blizzard included a program with its client software called “The Warden”. The purpose of this program is to collect information about in game cheating by using bot software or hacking utilities. It has been claimed that is looks for these known utilities and returns the information to Blizzard. Blizzard that is “personally identifiable”: is …

WildCam Africa

“Embark on a quiet adventure and watch wildlife gather at Pete’s Pond. Baby baboons scurry in the dust. Wildebeests push and shove to make room at the watering hole. Warthogs wallow in the mud.” There are some cool video highlights linked there as well. WildCam Africa

Artificial Island!

This is pretty wild. Possibly since I never watch TV I never heard about this, but it is pretty amazing to me. Of the coast of the United Arab Emirates they are terraforming a series of islands. It is all ultra-wealthy playground non-sense of course, but it is pretty cool. This site has some info …

Um, ok, “new” planet

So, apparently the planet “recently” discovered, was actually found 2 years ago? And the only reason we found out was because a hacker black-mailed the scientist? Hacker forced new planet discovery out of the closet