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Interestingness is a new feature at Flickr. It does a Google-news like trick to find cool images. Thanks to Boing Boing for the link. Boing Boing: Flickr auto-finds coolest photos, related photos

Not Pron

This website is actually a slick game. In fact it is a complicated riddle. The goal is to get to the last page. By the way, the game is very hard, so when you do solve a level (page) you genuinely feel a sense of satisfaction. Not Pron

Waste 1 Hour of your Life Right Now

Here is a fun game. It is based on old school Breakout, but now its the cool 3D version. Sounds bad? It kicks butt. Try it. You can play the trial for 1 hour and I have yet to find anyone who didn’t play it straight for 1 hour. Magic Ball 2

Google Maps++

As you may or may not know Google has been releasing their mapping services into the wild. They offer a mapping API to allow others to use this service, and what is coming out of the Internet hive mind is really cool. Hybrid Satellite / Street Map Another cool one.