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Oddcast SitePal

Here comes the weirdest DIY marketing tool I have seen. This was forwarded to me by a friend a while back. I took a look at it and though, “Um, hmm.” And then he pointed out to me that you can upload your own audio files to the system. With that feature this becomes a …

The History of The Internet

Here is a well done history of the Internet. It contains a time line highlighting the most critical events in the net development. Relive past thrills. Remember those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it! A few examples from the time line: 1978: Dan Bricklin invents the spreadsheet. It will be 5 more …

Xbox 360 Torn Apart for Your Pleasure

Anand Tech get its hands on a brand new Xbox 360 and takes it apart. Since MS made this machine so difficult to take apart (mod resistant…?) this might be your only real chance to check out the inside. Interesting article. The power supply for this thing is huge! Xbox ripped apart.

Finding Weird Stuff

I have been on the search for weird things recently. When life is getting too heavy look to the weird for sanity. This whole category is just too much fun. Dumb, wacky, kinky… you name it. Weird Stuff On Ebay