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Bboy Breakdancing

Here is an unreal bboy breakdancing video. The moves these people pull are unreal. If you have no idea what bboy breakdancing is check out the video. You will be amazed. People spinning on their heads, elbows, hands, knees… The music is cool and the moves are wild.

Firefly Season 2?!

There is a glimmer of hope! Please go an fill out the following survey on your interest in a second Firefly season. Firefly Season 2 Survey This was one of TVs few great series. The show’s cancellation was a horrible, painful and stupid move. With enough interest there may be hope though.

Monkeys Smarter than Humans

In a few years, I plan to explain this experience to Charlotte. I want her to know what I now know. That it’s O.K. to lose to the chimps. In fact, it may be what makes us uniquely human. Um, yeah. And I for one welcome our new chimp overlords.